Aikido Kenkyukai International, USA

Mission Statement: 

"It is the goal and purpose of Aikido Kenkyukai Santa Barbara to pass down the true message of Aikido and to nurture a better society by creating individuals of responsibility, compassion, judgement, and character."


Specific Purposes

To create an interest and motivation within the general public to practice the Japanese non-violent art of aikido;

To encourage individuals, or groups of individuals, to practice aikido;

To promote aikido as a positive and effective vehicle for self improvement and spiritual growth;

To promote educational programs that teach aikido techniques, models and processes as a harmonious way through conflict, both in practice and everyday live;

To advance aikido as a means of transforming the stresses of everyday life into opportunities for personal growth and development;


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Danny Nguyen: AKSB Intern...
(Danny Nguyen)

Make a difference in the life of a child. Donate now.

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Lia Suzuki's Year-End Fun...
(Lia Suzuki)

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$3,750.00 raised towards $5,000.00 goal!
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Fall-A-Thon Fundraiser: W...
(Werner Schott)

Make a difference. Donate now.

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Richard Brill for Aikido ...
(Richard Brill)

This wonderful organization instills children with confidence as they learn.

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